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MIT Technology Review's Spotlight on Election Cybersecurity

Malware and misinformation are threatening our election infrastructure as malicious actors try to infiltrate our networks and falsify facts. Can the November presidential election be secured?

Join this episode of Spotlight on: Election Cybersecurity to hear about the measures Homeland Security’s Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis are putting in place to defend democracy.

Hosted by Patrick Howell O'Neill
Cybersecurity reporter, MIT Technology Review

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About this series

Spotlight On sheds light on the most prescient technologies and trends of the moment, such as gaming, CRISPR, advanced manufacturing, and cybersecurity. For an audience that craves unbiased, hype-free insight, Spotlight On invites recognized insiders to answer the essential questions of new tech: “What is this?” and “Why should I care?”

Thu, Oct 8 at 1:00 pm ET
Free 30-minute online broadcast


Defending Democracy

Featuring special guest

Brandon Wales
Director of the Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis, Homeland Security

Julie Shumaker
Vice President of Revenue, Unity Technologies