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Radio Corona

A live online show about covid-19.

How will the coronavirus change the world? Join us via Zoom or Facebook and put your questions to guest experts and people on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic. Airs 2-3 times per week around 4:00 p.m. ET.

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Recent coverage

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How to make sense of all the information about coronavirus

Tomas Pueyo, VP of Growth at Course Hero
Aired April 3, 2020

The US’s war against covid-19

Dr. Cyrus Shahpar, Director at Resolve to Save Lives
Aired April 1, 2020

How to work remotely during the coronavirus lockdown

Aly Rayl, Slack; and Rajesh Anandan, Ultranauts
Aired March 30, 2020

What comes after the covid-19 tsunami subsides

Jamie Heywood, Former CDC advisor
Aired March 19, 2020

What the US can do to bolster its pandemic resilience

Azeem Azhar, Writer of Exponential View
Aired March 18, 2020

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