1: Hired by an algorithm

If you’ve applied for a job lately, it’s all but guaranteed that your application was reviewed by software—in most cases, before a human ever laid eyes on it.

2: The AI will see you now

The use of AI-based job interviews has increased since the pandemic along with questions about whether these algorithms make fair and unbiased hiring decisions, or find the most qualified applicant.

3: Playing the job market

Increasingly, job seekers need to pass a series of ‘tests’ in the form of artificial intelligence games—just to be seen by a hiring manager. We speak to someone who helped create these tests, and we try some of these tools ourselves.

4: Beating the AI hiring machines

When it comes to hiring, it’s increasingly an AI’s world, we’re just working in it. But an increasing number of people and services are designed to help you play by—and in some cases bend—their rules to give you an edge.

In Machines We Trust

A four-part investigation into automated hiring practices

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